this was wild and new
crunch of freshly fallen snow
exciting,  fresh,  sweet

secrets revealed in slight dishonesty
blinded by the sun still
streaking through the clouds

drifting slowly farther
away from the coast —
not quite ready for a life raft
but sure the shore too far

derisive laughter: a secret language —
little conversation without condescension
a delicate dance toeing the line
between delusion and reality

falling face first forward —
snow once shallow
deep enough now
to swallow me whole

in response to B+



sailors learn to be conscious of the tides
and all the elements by which the tides are influenced
because if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail;
but what are sea people to do when
the long spindly suckered tentacles of kraken
reach up and out of the deep dark depths
winding themselves around the lungs of the ship
suffocating her from the outside in
pulling her under the currents
of which they were so allegiant and abiding?

in response to Sink or Swim


you took my hand in yours
and lead me slowly to the edge
of the water

our walk was deliberate and planned
unbeknownst to me who assumed
walking was enough

happenstance was never our path —

i gazed thoughtfully into
the depths of the bright blue water;
at the fragmented sunlight dancing beneath

in the brief moment when the breeze
brought my attention afar to rustling pines
you pushed me, hard and fast, into the depths

compassion was never your virtue —

in response to Sink or Swim