i drive a 2011 chevy camaro. i realize that this is a “flashy” vehicle but i’m young and i’m livin’.

the other morning, on my way to work, i stopped at a red light. a man pulled up next to me in a dated lexus hatchback with scratches and dents. i could see this man in my peripheral vision. this man was looking down and into my car. his gaze was burning into me.

while i usually avoid this type of visual bait, i turned my head in curiosity.

the man’s response was immediate. he gave my car the “once over”, the filthy familiar look that every female knows and despises, and then mouthed with over-enunciation and a piercing stare, “nice car”.

this man was balding. this man was over 40. this man was married.

this man was a fucking creep.

and yet, this man felt entitled enough to not only tell me that he liked my car through two car windows while stopped at a red light on a highway at 7 AM, but to basically lick his lips and drool as he did so.

my question is this: if i were a man, would he have said anything at all? or would he have looked at me, a manly man driving a manly sports car way more bad-ass than his sorry-ass lexus, and turned away feeling emasculated and defeated?

i can’t help but think that if i were a man, he wouldn’t have done a damn thing.



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